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Room Escape Games are a popular activity worldwide and growing as a phenomenon. The principle is simple: You are locked in a room in a small group of 3 to 5 people and you have an hour to get out. In order to do so, you will need to work as a team, gathering clues and solving a series of riddles, puzzles and other enigmas so as to find a way out.

This is a perfect activity for an outing with friends, family or colleagues; a Room Escape helps you develop three essential detective skills: searching, thinking and communicating.A Game Master will follow you along the adventure so as to ensure that you have the most pleasant experience possible.Why wait? Book your session now!

We offer 4 different games for a total of 11 rooms:


  • James Murdock’s Office (3 rooms)
  • Zen Room (3 rooms)
  • Submarine (2 rooms)
  • The Pirate’s Secret (3 rooms)

A Room Escape is a fun activity, perfect for an outing with family or friends. Thus, we welcome children from age 9, but until age 15, they are required to be accompanied by at least one adult per room in order to help with certain steps of the game. Among our games, the best suited for children are James Murdock’s Office and the Zen Room.