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James Murdock's Office

"A great classic, the most played venue in France since 2013"

Fly to the rescue of your friend James Murdock, wrongly locked up for a crime he didn’t commit.
Try your hand at the classic Escape Game with France’s leading room!

The pirate's secret

"Stunning, award-winning sets".

Find pirate Henry Every’s famous sapphire aboard his haunted ship!
Evolve in breathtaking settings and operate unique mechanisms.

Voted best decor in France).


"Come and face your fears".

Descendant of the famous line of vampire hunters, Victor Van Helsing needs a motivated and courageous team for one last, life-saving battle.

Track down the world’s most famous vampire!

Stranger Signes

"An interactive and fun room".

Scientists carry out multiple experiments at a secret base.
To push their investigations even further, they need cob…um volunteers to test the limits of the beyond.

Are you up to the challenge?

Boxing Quiz

"Come and compete in the arena".

The crowd goes wild and the tension mounts before entering the arena!
On the program: quiz game, blind test, crazy jokers, mini-games…

A TV game that’s both fun and strategic!