Imported into France in 2013

Imported to France in 2013 by the founders of HintHunt Paris, escape games are inspired by cooperative video games and puzzle games. A group of players must navigate an immersive room, solve puzzles by interacting with other participants and find a way to escape. All in less than an hour.

The first virtual escape game was created by a Japanese company in 2004. Three years later, Live Rooms Escape opened in Japan. The concept quickly spread to other Asian countries, then to Europe.
In France, we had to wait until 2013 and the arrival of HintHunt in Paris to discover these life-size escape games. The story began with 3 French friends.

Today, there are cinemas all over France. But when you choose HintHunt, you benefit from our know-how, the experience of our teams and well-crafted puzzles, where every detail counts. What’s more, we offer several rooms in Paris’s 3rd arrondissement, and over the years we’ve expanded our catalog with new games, each as captivating and immersive as the next!


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Before 2013, escape games were unknown in Paris and, more generally, in France. In fact, the importers of this concept discovered it over a weekend in London.

They liked the concept so much that they decided to open their own gym in Paris. For this, they have chosen to turn to a specialist, HintHunt. Founded in 2012 by two Hungarians, this brand has moved to London, where it has expanded its business. To bring it to France, the 3 friends met with the two creators and the adventure began in 2013. The first room was designed and opened the same year. The latter was dedicated to the history of James Murdock’s Office, which still exists today.

Then, with success in hand, other rooms and other stories were developed. Every year, the number of players increases, and the HintHunt brand has become a benchmark in Paris. Even receiving an attestation of excellence from Trip Advisor. And for the coming years, new puzzles are planned, in ever more original, realistic and breathtaking settings!

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The very first Escape Game room opens in Paris, France: James Murdock's Office.


When the concept was first launched in France, the idea seemed a little crazy: how could you imagine that people would agree to be locked in a room for 60 minutes to solve riddles?

And yet so many of them have embraced the concept and are asking for new experiences! We quickly succeeded in opening up new rooms, creating new storylines. Escape games are now popular with young and old alike. All the more so as they lend themselves to a variety of events, both professional, such as seminars, and private, such as birthdays, family outings, friends’ get-togethers or stag/bachelorette parties.

What’s more, anyone can take part, whether a beginner or an expert. This activity is done in groups of at least 3 people, and is ideal for taking your mind off things and having fun … while you rack your brains! Would you like to give it a try? To renew the experience by discovering a new story? Don’t wait any longer to make a reservation on our website and find out more about our riddles!