There are a thousand and one ways to thank your customers. Organizing a dinner, a cocktail party, sending gifts, inviting guests to a show or a preview… there’s something for every taste and budget. If you want to stand out from the crowd, grab their attention and win their loyalty, you can book them an escape game. In fact, it’s an original event, which you’d think would be better suited to a seminar or team building. Yet it’s perfectly suited to working relationships. It allows you to discover your customers in a different environment, far removed from negotiations, sales and other professional situations. With this animation, you can meet them in a friendly, entertaining setting, without becoming too familiar. And when you turn to our HintHunt Paris team, you benefit from full support, since we can take care of everything, including a cocktail party after the escape game. As the activity takes place off-site, you don’t have to spend time preparing for it. It’s also a way of really getting away from the strictly professional context. What’s more, we offer a wide range of time slots, from 10am to midnight. So you can easily find the perfect time for your original customer event!


Whether you’ve been working with customers for several years, or more recently, it’s important to thank them in order to build loyalty and project a positive image of your company. By organizing an original event, you show them that you’re happy to work with them, that they’re not just numbers and order forms. By inviting them, you show them that you care. So you can invite only your most important or most loyal customers. Or new ones, to prove to them that they were right to trust you, to call on your skills and services.
By opting for an escape game, you meet them in a playful context. Everyone can participate, whether experienced or novice. This activity encourages cohesion, communication and exchange. It really helps to build relationships. And let’s face it, this event is more original than a dinner party or cocktail reception! With an escape game, we create a certain closeness, without overstepping the boundaries or intruding on each other’s privacy. No one risks making a fool of themselves, for example, or finding themselves in an awkward situation.


With this activity, you can surprise your customers, without making them feel uncomfortable. It’s a great way to get away from the ordinary, from the simple business relationship, and to convey your company’s values. An escape game requires teamwork, communication and perseverance. For participants, it’s a chance to show off their skills and initiative. What’s more, this event is original, yet sober. It is suitable for all generations and requires no preparation. Its limited duration means you don’t need to mobilize a whole day. It can be organized in the late afternoon or evening to make it easier for your guests to arrive. Your guests will appreciate being invited to such an event, especially if you complement it with a cocktail reception. Indeed, it would be a shame to leave each other at the end of the game. By continuing the event over a buffet, you can continue to forge links and get to know each other.
So if you’re looking for an original idea to thank your customers and build loyalty, don’t hesitate to contact our team!