Before a wedding, there’s a tradition we all know: the bachelorette or stag party. And while it has evolved over the decades, it remains indispensable. It’s a great way to get together with friends, have fun and, for the bride or groom-to-be, take your mind off the preparations! And one of the most successful activities, which appeals to both boys and girls, is the escape game. In fact, it’s an ideal way to strengthen group bonds and get away from it all. In Paris, HintHunt offers 5 riddles that are perfectly suited to the organization of an EVJF or EVG. Our rooms can accommodate from 3 to 55 people, from 10am to midnight, Monday to Sunday. For 60 minutes, you’re totally immersed in a story where you have to solve a plot. It’s fun and it tests your logic, thinking skills and team spirit, of course! What’s more, you don’t need to prepare anything for this outing idea. All you need to do is show up at our Paris location on time on the day of your EVG / EVJF. And don’t worry, if you’re wearing a disguise, you can get in! It can be even more fun, especially if you match it to the riddle you’ve chosen!


Disguising the groom or bride-to-be and meeting passers-by in the street … this idea is no longer really fashionable. And an escape game is the latest trend! With this animation idea, you won’t make any mistakes, because it succeeds in appealing to the widest possible audience. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to be several people locked in a room, immersed in a plot and having to do everything to solve it and escape. It creates bonds … and good memories. This activity is fun, unifying and accessible to all. Unlike a sports outing, there’s no need for specific clothing or skills.

Similarly, at HintHunt Paris, you can choose between 5 puzzles: James Murdock’s Office; The Zen Room; The Submarine; The Pirate’s Secret; Time Travel. So there’s bound to be a theme that appeals to you! Depending on the number of participants in the EVJF or EVG, you can be together in the same room, or in several rooms doing the same or a different escape game.


Since the opening of our Paris establishment in 2013, we’ve welcomed many EVJFs and EVGs! So we have the experience to help you organize the perfect activity for your special day. We’ll advise you on your choice of riddle, for example, and give you a personalized welcome on the big day. We’ll even throw in a few extras to make your bachelor party unforgettable. On our website, you can make your reservation online. It’s quick, easy and just a few clicks away. It also allows you to check availability. However, as certain times of the year are more suitable for EVGs and EVJFs, we advise you to book as soon as you have reserved a date. And if you’re not sure which set to choose for your business, we’re here to help you.

So if you’re looking for an original idea for this event, don’t hesitate to book a HintHunt Paris escape game!