Want to thank your teams? To weld them back together? Celebrating good results? To offer them a moment of relaxation between two busy periods? With an escape game, you’re sure to make the right choice! In fact, this outing idea is perfect for strengthening group cohesion. This animation allows all your company’s employees to participate, without finding themselves in unsettling situations. It is suitable for all ages and professional backgrounds. And as a session lasts just over an hour (60 minutes of play + explanations before the start and debriefing at the end), it fits easily between other activities or into a working day. At HintHunt Paris, we offer daily slots from 10am to midnight, giving you plenty of choice! What’s more, our premises can accommodate from 3 to 55 people, as we have several rooms at our disposal. This means that your employees won’t necessarily be all together at the event, but in small groups. So if you’re looking for an original idea for your company outing that’s accessible to all and doesn’t require any particular skills (physical, for example), don’t hesitate to opt for an escape game!


Today, there are a variety of activities available to help employees get together. And for some years now, escape games have been a popular choice when looking for an idea. It has to be said that this activity really encourages teamwork, communication and information sharing. It also gives members of your company the chance to get to know their colleagues in a different way, away from the workplace. Everyone can take part, young recruits and old hands alike, whether you’re a sportsman or not, whether you’ve played in a game like this before or not. It’s a fun event, but one that also calls on thinking skills, logic, observation and initiative. These are qualities that are important in a professional context, and are therefore called upon during a moment of relaxation. An excellent way to combine leisure and work!

What’s more, this outing idea is easy to organize, as all you need to do is find a slot in your schedule and book a session. You don’t need to prepare anything, and there’s no need for your employees to bring any special outfits or accessories. Before or after your escape game, you can plan other activities to give them a day out.


Based in Paris since 2013, our team now offers 5 puzzles and several rooms. Over the years, we’ve made our mark and developed our offers to satisfy you. Our escape games are just as suitable for business events as they are for outings with friends. By entrusting us with the organization of your event, you benefit from our know-how. Especially since we’re used to working with companies. We know your requirements and expectations, and we do our utmost to meet them and help you organize a successful event for your teams. Last but not least, our services are also suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, as we can accommodate up to 55 people. If there are more of you, you’ll need to spread this relaxing moment over several slots. But rest assured, we always find a solution!

To find out more about our services, please contact us. We’re also here to answer your questions, advise you on the organization of your corporate event and provide you with ideas.