Organize your Team Building at Hinthunt!

Are you looking for a fun activity to strengthen your company’s team cohesion? Are you looking for a unique Team Building experience that immerses you in a different world for an hour? How about organizing an outing at Hinthunt? We offer 4 escape game rooms as well as Quiz Boxing rooms.

It’s often said that the golden rule for succeeding in an escape game is communication and mutual support, nothing better to strengthen bonds. You have one hour to complete the mission given to you together! But if you prefer to compete… then the Boxing Quiz is for you!

Our Games

The Pirate’s Secret

Immerse yourself in the world of piracy as soon as you step aboard a pirate ship docked in the heart of Paris! Legend has it that Henry Every hid his biggest treasure on an island. Will you be able to find it and uncover the mystery of the Pirate’s Secret?

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this scenario will delight everyone with its immersive decor and diverse puzzles.

3 identical rooms. From 3 to 5 players per room. 50% success rate. From the age of 9.


Thrill-seekers, this room is for you! Victor Van Helsing, the last descendant of a great family of vampire hunters, has finally tracked down Dracula after many years of absence… Unfortunately, since that day, there has been no news from Victor. You are the last hope to defeat Dracula once and for all! Find his trail and find a way to eliminate him.

From 3 to 5 players. 30% success rate. From the age of 12.

Stranger Signes

Scientists are conducting multiple experiments in a secret base in the heart of Paris. To push their investigations further, they need guinea… um, volunteers to test the limits of the beyond and explore the other side of the veil.

We fear that scientists have already gone too far and disturbed forces beyond their control. Will you be able to face them and come back unscathed?

From 3 to 5 players. 55% success rate. From the age of 9.

James Murdock’s Office

First open room in France, it is now one of the must-see in the world of Escape Game. The first room opened in France, it is now one of the must-sees in the world of Escape Games. Perfect for beginners and younger players, but also for those nostalgic for classic escapes, dive into a detective investigation to uncover the identity of the infamous magnifying glass killer! The famous detective James Murdock has been murdered, lead the investigation to solve the mystery of his assassination.

From 3 to 6 players. 55% success rate. From the age of 9.

Boxing Quiz

Unlike an escape game where you are asked to collaborate with your friends, this time we suggest you compete! Battle your colleagues in a series of electrifying questions.

You choose the themes of the questions and customize your gaming experience by activating or deactivating the jokers at your disposal… May the best win!

3 identical rooms. From 3 to 12 players per room. From the age of 9.


To end your Team Building event in style, enjoy a moment after your game to relax and debrief! With our partner caterers Zest and Causses, we offer to organize a cocktail, breakfast, cocktail dinner, or a customized gourmet break… Mixed platters, fine tarts, bakery, pastries, wines, beers, fruit juices: there is something for everyone!

Want more? Whether you want a magician or another activity during your cocktail, do not hesitate to ask and we will do everything possible to meet your request!

Want to organize your team building at Hinthunt? Visit our reservation page or send us an email at for a personalized quote.

Written by Pauline