The escape game, a judicious team-building activity

Why organize a team building escape game?

Organizing a team building event combines fun with strengthening the bonds between members of a group or team. It’s also an excellent way of motivating employees, rewarding them for their work and inspiring them to get more involved. A wide range of fun, cultural and sporting activities are available for this event. And if there’s one activity that perfectly matches the objectives of team building, it’s the escape game.

In fact, this life-size escape game is ideal for group cohesion, helping employees to forge links outside a strictly professional context. And it doesn’t require any special skills. To take part, all you need is the desire to do so, a logical mind and a love of digging for clues.

And because the escape game is indoors, it can be played all year round, whatever the season or weather conditions. Lasting around 1h30 (60 min of play + 25-30 minutes of explanations and debriefing), this activity fits easily into a day or evening schedule. What’s more, it’s suitable for all companies, large and small. All you need is a minimum of 3 people.

An ideal activity to strengthen group cohesion and improve communication

The principle of an escape game is simple: for 60 minutes, 3 to 5 players (6 maximum) are locked in a room to solve an enigma. In other words, it’s a real team-builder, since you have to play with others. The participants have a common goal, namely to escape from the room by solving the riddle, and this brings them closer together. During the hour of play, they must necessarily agree on the actions to take, the choices to make, and the role of each player. It’s the perfect way to bond a group and develop cohesion during a team-building event! And by being in a small group, personalities are revealed, especially those who are more reserved and self-effacing at work.

This activity also helps to strengthen communication between collaborators and employees, because during the game, it’s essential to communicate about the clues found to make progress, and to speak aloud to share discoveries. Since there’s no hierarchy in an escape game, it’s easier to communicate.

A game to help integrate new members and ease tensions

For 60 minutes, the players are locked in a room. To solve the enigma, collaboration is essential. This means listening to each other, exchanging ideas and letting everyone have their say. This helps you get to know your colleagues better, break the ice and integrate new colleagues. Since exchanges are more fluid, outside the professional context, it’s easier to reveal your character, get to know each other and find your place in a team.

The escape game helps to create a group dynamic and understanding between employees. It’s also a good way of calming conflicts. This game of escapism can help relieve tension, decompress, get away from it all and take your mind off your work. That’s why it’s one of the most popular leisure activities for team building organizers.

What’s more, the escape game is reputed to improve productivity by helping to create a better atmosphere in a group. And if employees get on well, are in a good mood and motivated when they come to work, productivity is increased.

So if you’re looking for an activity for your next team building event, don’t hesitate – opt for an escape game at Hint Hunt!