Escape Game Horror Paris

Are you in the mood for a thrill? If you’ve ever explored horror escape rooms like Lost Asylum By One hour, the Haunted Cinéma By The Game, The Loft 13 By Phobia, the Sedaine Hotel by Hell Out, or if you’re a novice seeking intense sensations, you might be the ideal monster hunter ? Why not venture into the horrific castle of Count Dracula…

Who hasn’t heard of the most famous vampire, creature of the night, the most terrifying bloodsucker, Dracula ? According to a certain rumor, the count seems to still be alive, so to speak, secluded in his lair, scaring away anyone who approaches his dark and gloomy refuge… Victor Van Helsing, a brave vampire hunter, set out to pursue the monster to end his reign. Unfortunately, Victor disappeared and left behind everything he found.

Would you be ready to take over? Are you capable of keeping your cool and killing Dracula in his own home without trembling? But first and foremost, do you know how to kill a vampire? According to various legends, you might need to equip yourself with holy water, a crucifix, or a stake… without certainty.

But fortunately for you, Victor had enlisted the help of the community of light witches and wizards to defeat the creature. What better way to use light when you find yourself in the dark? This community of light has devised a ritual, and it will be passed on to you by an adept. It’s up to you to know how to use it at the right moment!

Well, once you have the right method, you now need to know how to survive in a horror escape game. We are here to give you some tips and tricks.

The ultimate guide to surviving a horror escape game in Paris :

The best way to get through a horror escape game is first to know what you’re getting into. Perhaps having a bit of experience… but you have to start somewhere. Be careful though, the expedition is at your own risk.

With a little research, you’ll find a classification of horror escape games. The TERPECA (Top Escape Rooms Project) has set up a legend :

👻: Spooky but not scary – The game has horror-type theming (death, the supernatural, bodily harm, etc.), but doesn’t focus on scaring players.
🔦: Passively scary – Regardless of theme, the game uses darkness, intimidation, simulated danger, hide & seek play, or other techniques to create anxiety, but doesn’t startle players much.
😱: Actively scary – Jump scares, simulated attacks or sudden actions repeatedly or seriously startle or frighten players.

Once you know what you’re getting into, it’s helpful to apply some advice to make your adventure much more enjoyable :

  • Form a good team, surround yourself with the best.
  • Know how to manage your fear.
  • Know how to play the game.

You are now prepared and completely ready to experience the horror escape game. Dracula is a perfect chilling room for beginners as well as experienced players. You will discover immersive sets, fun puzzles, and an incomparable atmosphere.

Written by Lucie