Escape Room for Children in Paris

Are you looking for an outing to enjoy with your children? An escape game seems like a good activity to spend quality time and stimulate their initiative, observation skills, and critical thinking, but you can’t find an escape game suitable for children or beginners? This article is for you!

There are several rooms in Paris specifically designed for children, as well as adaptable rooms that allow young ones to have fun with friends or even with family. With the plethora of rooms and themes offered by escape game providers, it can be overwhelming to choose. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of rooms suitable for younger players or families !

Generally, escape game providers require at least one accompanying adult in the room during the game. For safety and to assist the children, it’s essential that an adult be present during the session.


The Pirate’s Secret

If you love the world of piracy, with lots of searching and handling, this is perfect for families, starting from 9 years old.

The ship of the famous pirate Henry Every has just been found. For 300 years, it’s said that the mysterious sapphire of the captain is still locked away somewhere… get this haunted ship back on the waves and set off on an adventure !

Come and discover the mystery The Pirate’s Secret, click here to book!


James Murdock’s Office

Accessible for beginners, starting from 9 years old. Ideal for families.

Terrible news: James Murdock, one of Paris’s greatest detectives, is dead! His assistant has contacted you because he wants to know more. He is waiting for you in front of James Murdock’s office; investigate to solve the mystery of his murder !

Come and discover the enigma of James Murdock’s Office, click here to book!


the elves’ laboratory

For the little ones who love the magic of Christmas, available all year round, very suitable for young children from 5 years old.

The gift factory has broken down; it needs to be restarted quickly, or there will be missing gifts for Christmas !


Tom-Tom and Nana and the Secret Notebook

Starting from 6 years old, but also great for both young and old who want to reminisce their childhood.

Tom-Tom and Nana have a secret notebook where they write their thoughts about their formidable Aunt Roberte and her cleaning habits. One morning, before going to school, Nana realizes that the secret notebook has disappeared !


Anatole Latuile, Operation Golden Morvox

from 6 years old.

Anatole must gather his most precious Startruc cards, especially the Golden Morvox card, for the grand raffle organized by Fouille-Fouille …


Oggy, Prisoner of Time

Whether you know the world of Oggy and the Cockroaches or not, this escape game is great for children and especially for families. It’s perfect for adults who want to relive their childhood, starting from 7 years old.

Oggy acquired a machine capable of sending the cockroaches to the depths of space-time and finally getting rid of them ! Unfortunately, Oggy ends up shrunk and scattered across different eras ! It’s up to you to follow his traces and find Oggy in one piece !


The Armistice Wagon

From 8 years old, child mode available on request!

An escape room where players will explore a wagon inspired by the famous Orient Express to hope to defuse a bomb.

Here you have all the useful information to delight both young and old. You are now ready for your activity. It’s up to you to choose the experience that suits you best !


written by Pauline and Lucie