The Best Escape Games to Travel This Summer Without Leaving Paris

Traveling without leaving Paris has become possible thanks to the rise of escape games, these immersive games that transport you to varied and exotic worlds. This summer, dive into extraordinary adventures, explore mysterious places, and solve captivating puzzles. Here is a selection of the best escape games for an unforgettable experience.

Pirate’s roomHintHunt

If you dream of the Caribbean and their legendary pirates, HintHunt‘s Pirate room is for you. This game immerses you in the world of corsairs, where you will have to thwart the pirates’ plans and find hidden treasure. The atmosphere is perfectly recreated, with meticulous decorations and exciting puzzles. Ideal for fans of maritime adventure and treasure hunting, this escape game promises total immersion in the pirate world.


For a darker and scarier experience, head to Transylvania with Hinthunt’s Dracula room You will face the famous Count Dracula in a quest to save your friends and escape his castle. The gothic atmosphere and eerie decorations add palpable tension, making the experience even more immersive. This escape game is perfect for thrill-seekers and vampire legend enthusiasts.

Take the planeThe Game

If you want to fly without leaving Paris, The Game offers a unique adventure. Embark on a captivating flight where you will have to solve puzzles to reach your destination. The meticulous recreation of an airplane interior, with seats, windows, and even a crew, makes you forget that you are still in Paris. It’s the ideal escape for those who want to experience air travel in a fun and original way.

Take the trainThe One Escape

For train travel lovers, The One Escape offers an exciting adventure aboard a train. Board and solve mysteries before the train reaches its final destination. The realistic decorations and railway atmosphere instantly transport you to another place and time. It’s the perfect opportunity for those who dream of rail adventures without having to leave Paris.

On a Cannibal IslandThe Quest Factory

If you have an adventurous spirit and enjoy survival challenges, The Quest Factory offers an escape from a mysterious island inhabited by cannibals. Immersed in an exotic and dangerous atmosphere, you will have to solve complex puzzles and use your survival instincts to get out. The exotic decorations and thrilling challenges make this escape game an unforgettable experience for thrill-seekers and exotic adventure lovers.

YakuzaOne Hour

This summer, embark on an exciting adventure in the heart of Japan without leaving your city, thanks to the “Yakuza” escape game by One Hour. This immersive escape game plunges you into the fascinating and dangerous world of the Japanese mafia, promising an adrenaline-filled and mysterious experience.

These escape games offer the perfect escape for the summer, allowing you to travel to varied and exciting worlds without leaving the capital. Whether you’re a fan of adventure, mystery, or thrills, there’s an exotic escape game for every taste. Get ready to live unforgettable experiences and explore fascinating worlds, all without leaving Paris.

Written by Alison