When the first HintHunt escape game room opened in Paris, at 62 rue Beaubourg (3rd arrondissement), in December 2013, only one puzzle was available. It was James Murdock’s office. Over the years, other games have been developed by our teams, and today we’re delighted to be able to offer you several of them. Of course, we’ve kept our 1st storyline, which has become a classic. So when you book, you have a choice. But one thing’s for sure: every story will be a challenge, requiring thought, observation and logic to escape the room. 60 minutes in which your powers of deduction – and your patience – will be put to the test. All in a fun atmosphere, because if you don’t solve the riddle, don’t worry, we won’t keep you locked up forever!
We’re also constantly thinking up new ideas, so look forward to seeing what’s new over the next few years! In the meantime, you can try one of our escape games and let yourself be carried away by a wide variety of themes, taking you on a journey through time and transporting you into a fascinating, intriguing … or frightening universe!

The very first Escape Game room was opened in Paris, France: James Murdock’s Office.


All our escape games are HintHunt creations. We’ve imagined them in their entirety, from the story to the setting, from the clues to the smallest details. In each room, you’ll find yourself in a world where nothing has been left to chance. Objects, decor, furniture … everything is linked and helps to immerse you fully in the investigation. When you enter a room, you plunge into the heart of an enigma. You’ve got 60 minutes to solve it, soak up the scenery and find the right clues. 1 hour during which you forget everything else. Reality fades away to make way for intrigue, especially as the minutes fly by and you have to be careful not to lose any time.
To date, 6 games are available: James Murdock’s Office, Submarine, Pirate’s Secret, Dracula, Forbidden Experience and Quiz Boxing. 6 plots, 6 settings, varying in difficulty, but all inviting you to think your way out of the situation and get to the bottom of the story!


When you take part in one of our escape games, you’ll enjoy a highly immersive game and an unforgettable experience! From the very first seconds in a room, you find yourself somewhere else. You’re plunged into another universe, into a story in which you become one of the main players. And if you like the concept, you’ll be able to repeat the experience, as we’re offering you several very different storylines. Each game has its own puzzle, its own theme. In Le Secret du Pirate, for example, you board a haunted ship in search of a sapphire. And if you’re feeling like a detective, The Office of James Murdock is the perfect puzzle!
So if you’re interested, find out more about our escape games and book a session online! And if you need any further information, don’t hesitate to contact our team.